Level 2 online trainings focus on a sport’s rules, events and resources for practices and skill development. They also provide training in the Coaching Special Olympics Athletes course that prepares Special Olympics coaches to use their sport-specific knowledge in coaching athletes with intellectual disabilities. For veteran coaches, the course serves as a reminder of the essentials.

Level 2 online trainings count towards first-time certification or recertification in that sport. Certification is valid for three years.

Alpine skiing & snowboarding – updated 2024
Basketball – updated 2024
Bocce – updated 2024
Bowling – updated 2024
Equestrian – updated 2024

Flag football – updated 2024
Golf – updated 2024
Gymnastics – updated 2024
Poly hockey – updated 2024
Powerlifting – updated 2024

Snowshoeing – updated 2024
Softball – updated 2024
Swimming – updated 2024
Tennis – updated 2024
Track & field – updated 2024

Coach items
Each coach who becomes Level 2 certified or recertified in a sport is able to order one coach item per calendar year. Please note: If you haven’t completed a Level 2 training or recertification course this year, or if you’ve already received an item for the year, you will not be shipped an item. Level 1 certifications don’t qualify you to receive a coach item.